Tubers - People who take the Tube, Subway, Metro ...

The subway is a common thread that leads through all the stories. I started the book with the first morning-metro pulling out of the station. The technique for all these pictures is pencil on paper for the line-work and digital for the colors.


The first 3 Stories are set in the London Underground. Every section starts with a cityscape. 

Lucy's good deed

In a crowded subway car, a beautiful Redhead is harassed by a man in a trench-coat . 

Angel Ride

A schoolboy is quietly singing to himself in an angelic voice.

Blue fire

A man becomes obsessed with the nail polish of a girl he meets on the subway.


The next 3 stories are set in the city of lights.

Fire framed

An american art student starts taking pictures of people on the subway.

Reves des lavatoires publiques

A young musician has hallucinations in a public restroom.


Crazy Jaques hears Kandinsky and smells the moon.

New York

The last 3 stories are set in NY.

Helen's Revenge

A protegé finds herself chasing after her stolen cello through the streets of Manhattan.


An aged one-time-star notices the remix of her old hit on the earphones of a young couple.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh and his Cowboy-friend get chased through the New York Halloween Parade.
This is the last picture - a NY subway in the last sunlight of the day. I had lots of fun doing this book, and I have to thank Dimiter from SIMPLY READ BOOKS for giving me this opportunity, and my wife Sarah for giving me the the weekends to do it...